Netgear router DSL Modem Router Manual Configurations for Internet connection with Smart Wizard

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Have you lost the configuration CD for your Netgear router? You can manually setup your Netgear router and enjoy trouble free WiFi access for your home network. Manual configurations for your Netgear router can be managed very easily. We are going to explain the simple steps for manually setting up your Netgear router. We can help you around the clock if you face issues with setting up your Netgear wireless routers. You can discuss your issues directly with our support team.

Steps for Manual Configurations for your Netgear Router

  • First of all, connect your Netgear router modem with the phone line. For making these connections, you can use Ethernet cable.

  • Using web browser, login to Netgear router configuration page. Default address for Linksys router login page is or

  • You will need to fill login user name and password for your Netgear router login page. If you have yet not changed the default login details yet, you can use default user name and password.

  • Select “Setup Wizard” option after login to your Netgear router setup page.
  • You will need to select “Yes” option for the setup wizard so it can detect the type of internet connections.
  • After that click on “Next” option
  • You will receive a complete list of connection type that are discovered by your smart setup wizard.

  • You will need to enter PPPoE user name and password.

  • After filling the login details, click on “Apply” option.
  • You smart setup wizard will detected IP over ATM setup

  • You will need to enter IP address and subnet mask.
  • After that, enter the IP address of ISP primary DNS server.
  • To save the settings, click on “Apply” option.
  • You can click on “Test” option so you can make sure that settings you have made are correct.

Further steps can be discussed using remote login access. You can contact our support team for help if you not getting access for your Netgear wireless router.

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