Netgear Router Setup

Netgear router needs no introduction regarding its features and working. They are well-known router across the globe. No doubt there are plenty of routers still, Netgear is such a brand that stands out from the crowd. This is enough to prove that no other router can beat the standard of the Netgear routers. So, if you haven’t used Netgear router, invest in them & feel the difference. You only need a proper setup of your Netgear Router & start managing your router as per your preference. Being as the fastest router in the world, Netgear router has various features offering to its users. These features vary from basic to advance. So, if you are regular router users, Netgear router can be beneficial for you. So, if you want to learn Netgear router setup, you can take assistance from us anytime.

We will try to guide you through our today’s page about setting up Netgear router. During Netgear Router setup, you can enable a number of features which we going to tell you today. All, you need is go through the page, start applying these steps like a pro. In case, you think you have an issue while applying these steps, give us a call on the toll-free number. You can start the setup of your Netgear router, by Netgear genie or via smart setup wizard. So, let’s start setting Up Netgear Router to enable few useful features for the router.

Steps to Change Admin Password of the Netgear Router under Netgear router setup

Netgear router comes with Default admin password. The drawback of having Default password is that anyone can interfere with your router privacy. So, as per experts, it is important to modify your router admin password, once you have done with Initial router setup. Changing Router default admin password enhance the security of your router. It is recommended strongly by the router experts, to modify Netgear router admin password time to time. To initiate the process, follow below-given steps.

  •    Open a web browser on your wireless device or computer. Next, enter into browser address bar.
  •    You can also use Web address if you get issue using other web address. If you are still, facing the same problem, use Netgear Router IP address to go ahead & press enter.
  •    Once you see the Netgear Router login window which will ask for Login credentials, provide the same in the fields. Use admin for the Username & Password will get used for Password.
  •    When you reach the basic home page of Netgear router user, go for maintenance features of the Netgear router.
  •    You can locate maintenance features, under the Main Menu of your router browser interface.  
  •    Before you go further for changing admin password of the Netgear Router, make sure you save configuration settings in advance.
  •    There can be few issues while you head for changing router password like you forget the password. In that case, you will need to reset your router to the default setting. It is because then also you can once again get router default password set by default.
  •    After you get back your router to default settings, you can again login via default password. So, you can anytime restore router settings by visiting backup configuration file.

Revert to Maintenance Heading

  •    Get back to the Maintenance heading & go to Main Menu of the Netgear router browser interface. Next, click on the Set Password to display the Menu on the screen.
  •    To modify router password, first enter the Old password & the new password twice that you want to set up.

Now, check out the steps required for Configuration File Management. This feature gets used for saving the configuration of your Netgear configuration, in case your settings ever. So, for today, we are giving you essential method in step by step instructions.  You can save let’s get started now.

  •    Once you reach the basic home page while doing Netgear router setup. Next, visit the Main menu.
  •    Under the Main menu of the Netgear router go to Maintenance heading.
  •    After this, choose Settings Backup heading to show up the Menu given.
  •    Here you will get three options.
  •    First, Option is Save a copy of Current settings.
  •    Restore saved settings from a file.
  •    Revert to factory default settings.

To know more Netgear router setup, place call, on the toll-free number. Our toll-free number is available 24/7 to serve you quality advice to router user. You can anytime approach our experts via live chat support window. In case, you have not contended with the above-given steps, make a list of queries & post it in the comment for early replies. We have a dedicated comment box, for router users like you. Here, you can share even answer any query which you think you can help in. So, keep guiding us with your feedback & suggestions.